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The Inventress's Guide to Inventing The Right Way! All Or Nothing Now Or Never!

The Inventress's Guide to Inventing The Right Way! All Or Nothing Now Or Never!


"Inventing Success: From Concept to Cash" is a comprehensive guide for aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs looking to turn their innovative ideas into profitable products. Written by seasoned inventor and entrepreneur Lisa Ascolese, known as "The Inventress," this book shares invaluable insights and practical advice gathered from over 25 years of experience in product development and marketing.

From naming and conceptualizing your product to securing intellectual property rights, finding reliable manufacturers, and navigating the world of retail and marketing, each chapter is packed with actionable steps and real-world examples. Learn how to create impactful product names, build prototypes, protect your intellectual property, and market your inventions effectively to reach your target audience.

Through personal anecdotes, case studies, and expert tips, Lisa Ascolese guides you through the entire journey of product development, emphasizing the importance of passion, faith, and belief in achieving entrepreneurial success. Whether you're a first-time inventor or seasoned entrepreneur, "Inventing Success: From Concept to Cash" offers practical strategies and inspiration to help you bring your ideas to life and thrive in the competitive marketplace. Unlock the secrets to turning your inventions into successful ventures with this insightful and motivational guide.

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