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The Association Of Women Inventors And Entrepreneurs "AOWIE" is a non-profit organization founded by Lisa Ascolese,

AKA "The Inventress". Lisa was a struggling inventor who had no resources when she started her inventing journey,

she searched for guidance and support from like-minded companies and individuals to no avail, but that didn’t stop her

she kept striving for success through trial and error. 


Lisa understands the difficulties and the nuances of starting a business and developing products. Lisa says, “I am humbly

and eternally grateful for the mistakes I made when I started out in my business, it has allowed me to have a greater

appreciation for my successes”. As a successful inventor and businesswoman, Lisa feels that it’s time for her to guide

those whose shoes she once walked in.

Lisa says, "I can’t wait to learn from all of the educator’s new Entrepreneurs and inventors who join our conferences". 

As inventor s and business owners, there is one reality that we all have in common, we never stop learning.

We continue to learn and grow from each other, we all win.!


      "AOWIE" selects a group of seasoned panelists and speakers who are successful business owners and inventors. The panelists

and speakers have taken paths that have brought them from floundering and frustrated, to successful, flourishing inventors and entrepreneurs, now, they are here to help you.  We have a team of leaders who mentor and reach back to provide education, motivation and help to build self-esteem and confidence to those who have the ambition and desire to receive the help 


      "AOWIE" is a musically inspired conference -- meaning everyone who walks on stage to speak will have a song that inspires and motivates them, hence creating a very uplifting and inspirational platform for all who partake. This means you! What's your song?


      The "AOWIE" conferences will be held quarterly, traveling from city to city. "AOWIE" was designed to help boost the confidence in women inventors and budding entrepreneurs, bringing them to a place of achievement and success through mentoring,

help with financial guidance etc.


At every conference, inventors and entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to deliver a two-minute Shark Tank style elevator pitch in front of a seasoned team of inventors. They may even get the opportunity to showcase their products on some of the top shopping networks in the world... QVC, HSN, or Evine Live.


      "AOWIE" will be seeking inventors and entrepreneurs who are the right candidates to receive the resources that we provide to help build their business or invention. At each event, there will be applications for every registrant to fill out. You could be the lucky one to receive the benefits that "AOWIE" is proud to provide. All are welcome to participate.

"AOWIE" is in the business of giving back. 

The goal of "AOWIE" is to bridge the gap between Ambition and Success


Our Mission Statement is to nurture and guide flourishing inventors

and entrepreneurs, through kindness, motivation and education,

reaching back and Lifting Each Other Up, Two Hands At A Time.




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