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Legal Referral

Please note that although we highly recommend to you our members, the service providers furnished to you on this page, please note that our recommendation is based on our own past experiences. AOWIE and its representatives cannot guarantee the same results for you.

A patent attorney is an attorney who has the specialized qualifications necessary for representing clients in obtaining patents and acting in all matters and procedures relating to patent law and practice, such as filing an opposition. The term is used differently in different countries, and thus may or may not require the same legal qualifications as a general legal practitioner.

The titles patent agent and patent lawyer are also used in some jurisdictions. In some jurisdictions the terms are interchangeable, while in others the latter is used only if the person qualified as a lawyer.

A trademark attorney is a person who is qualified to act in matters involving trademark law and practice and provide legal advice on trade mark and design matters.

Please see below a list of recommended patent and trademark attorneys

1030 Broad Street, Suite 203
Shrewsbury, NJ  07702
Main:  732.935.7100 | Fax: 732.935.7122

J. Shontavia Johnson | Jackson Johnson, LLC - Legal Counsel for
Entrepreneurs | fax:888.504.5529 | |

Braxton K. Davis
Patent & Trademark Attorney

57th Floor, Key Tower
127 Public Square
Cleveland, OH  44114
Telephone: (216) 696-8730
Mobile: (678) 525-8911
Fax: (216) 696-8731

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